On our email data we currently achieve an 80% delivery rate as we run all our emails through a remote verification process whereby each email is pinged to check it exists. Unfortunately there will always be a churn of emails as people move companies etc. We do however guarantee the accuracy of our emails. There are instances where clients do not follow best practice when sending to email lists and this can result in delivery issues where their IP address is compromised.

On our telephone data we achieve a slightly lower contactability of 70%. There is unfortunately no cost effective automated way to validate telephone numbers and the fact that we have millions of numbers means we can only update records as and when they become known to be outdated. We do update records daily so work to constantly improve all aspect of our data for the benefit of our clients.

We are members of the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa and have been since 2009, and as such we are aware of the legal requirements with respect to relevant legislation. That fact that the information we hold is all within the public domain, and that with all outbound electronic communications we send we include an easy one click unsubscribe option, ensures we comply.

We utilise various methods such as directly off company websites, through direct telephone calls and interviews and 3rd party data partners. It is important to note that all the data we hold is within the public domain and as such is publicly available.

Our delivery rates are very good at between 80% and 87% with open rates of between 5% and 15%, and click through rates of 0.1% and 7% on opens. The results ultimately depend on various factors such as the attractiveness of the offer, the type of industry, the degree of competition etc, however, we provide as much input as possible to help our clients achieve maximum ROI.