Data Science Services


In some cases clients may not have a clear understanding of who their target audience is, or may be looking for clarification of who they should be targeting based on their current client base. In these instances it is a powerful resource to be able to access a business database as comprehensive as the AfriSeek database, as this can uncover prospects that clients simply aren’t aware of as they may either be in a different geographic area, industry or a client simply isn’t aware of all companies in a specific field.

  • Account Based Marketing (ABM) – we can identify companies that fall within specific industries or demographic segments, and then isolate the relevant decision makers within these companies to maximise your chances of generating interest from your targeted accounts.
  • Client Base Profiling (CBP) – through our proprietary matching processes we can help profile your existing client base, identifying the relevant demographic factors that make up your current client base. We can then provide updated contact details of key personnel.
  • New Prospect Profiling (NPP) – Having analysed a clients existing client base, we can then profile and identify those companies most similar to the clients, but that are not current customers. This is a powerful tool in being able to quickly identify and reach potential prospects.


Having carried out a variety of custom projects and built up an array of applications and programmes AfriSeek is able to carry out various data gathering and consolidation projects. We’ve done projects including:

For the data science and custom projects we are happy to put a costing proposal together once we have received a brief in terms of the scope of work required and have a better understanding of what it is the client is looking to achieve.

If you have any requirements for data science or custom project services do get in touch.