Call Centre Services


We have over 800,000 unique companies on our database, over 950,000 decision makers and access to over 16 million unique consumer records, we can supply you with quality call centre data and data lists to help you with lead generation during your outbound telemarketing activities. Whether you are selling products to businesses, c-level executives in companies or individuals earning a certain amount we can assist you with data. We compile data from thousands of sources, including through our own team of researchers and call centre agents, which means we can help clients focus on spending more time generating leads, and less time trying to find contact details.

General Business Data: Starting at R1.00 per record we can provide you with a segmented and filtered list of contact numbers for businesses, broken down by area, industry, specific business classification, company size etc.*

Business Decision Makers: Starting at R1,50 per record (Excluding Email) and R7,50 per record (Including Email) we can provide you with relevant decision makers contact details broken down by various fields and indicators to ensure you reach the right people and improve your chances of generating leads and closing more sales. This database is constantly updated by our research team as well as selected partners to ensure high contactability.*

Consumer Records: At a cost of R2,50 per record we can provide profiled consumer contact details which can be filtered on age, area, income etc. Minimum order of 2500 records applies and the data has a 70% contactability guarantee which excludes records that are engaged or go to voicemail.*