Afriseek Marketing System

Get your sales, marketing and communication projects on track

T he AMS gives users access to a comprehensive online database of South African business decision makers and companies.

Whether you are looking to reach new businesses and decision makers in your sales and business activities, reach a specific audience for an outbound advertising or communications campaign, trying to uncover c-level candidates for recruiting activities or carrying out market research activities, the AMS gives you unparalleled access to the South African business landscape with over 552k companies and 679k decision makers. Our in-house team of researchers ensure that our database is continually updated to provide up to date contact information.

Improve the effectiveness of your sales, marketing and communication activities with the AMS which provides you with the following contact details:

  • Full Name, Surname, Salutation
  • Designation
  • Email Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Cell Number
  • Fax Number
  • Physical Address
  • Postal Address
  • 1.56 Million Records
  • 1,297,450 Distinct Emails
  • 753,870 Distinct Company Names
  • 720,817 Distinct Telephone Number
  • 1,133,613 Decision Makers
  • 123,116 Distinct Postal Addresses
  • 70,742 Distinct Website Addresses

How does the AMS work?

Register for free and immediately start searching and applying filters to a range of fields to isolate your target audience. The filtered data can be previewed and changes made to the filters until you are satisfied with the results. Save your search and view individual records or download multiple records or entire lists if required. Records are delimited to allow easy import of the data into CRM systems and other communication channels.

Access South Africa’s largest commercial business database
Unlimited searches can be created
Easy-to-use online system with quick search and download functions
Effective coordination of sales and marketing endeavours by easily identifying and extracting contact information of prospects
Simplified sales cycle through proper identification of prospects and direct contact with the correct decision makers
Avoid getting blocked by gatekeepers trained to keep your message from reaching key individuals
Identify multiple decision makers within organisations to increase your chance of getting a foot in the door


Area (province, broad area, town)
Business Classification (17 Broad Classifications and over 181,000 specific classifications)
Designation (18 Broad Designations and over 199,000 specific designations)
Company Name
Employee Count
Telephone / Fax / Cell / Email Address / Website / Domain
Address (Physical / Postal)
Contact Person Name and/or surname
Salutation (Mr/Mrs etc.)
Company Type (JSE, International Blue Chip, Private, Government, Education)
State Owned Entities
Head Office Locations ONLY

As long as a user’s account remains active, they will own the records they have previously purchased and will not be asked to buy these records again.

Filter records that have the specific contact fields you require to carry out your campaign such as records that contain an email address OR telephone number. The AMS will filter out the records that you need and hide those that don’t match your criteria.

Fixed monthly subscription

For a monthly fee of R2000 (excl. VAT) you get 2000 credits per month which includes unlimited searches on the entire database. You can also buy additional credits should you need them, and although credits are non-refundable, they do not expire for as long as your account is active.

The subscription term is for an initial fixed 6 month period and then reverts to a monthly subscription whereby you can terminate your subscription with a one month notice, however, any records already owned will then be cleared from your profile.

What do you get with your credits?

This includes company name, telephone number, fax number, email, postal address etc., but EXCLUDES a specific contact person. Contact field availability varies per record.

You will get the same detail as the general company records, but this will include a specific contact person name, surname, and designation, but will EXCLUDE their email address.

This gives the same details as a part profile person specific record, but INCLUDES the email address for the relevant person.


Home Screen

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Business Classification

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